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Our vision;
Turkey and outside Turkey have also been adopted as a reference center, to be a corporate
leader in diagnosis and treatment.
Our mission;
In line with the objectives and principles of the Eye of the Eye Diseases Center, in order to
ensure the competitiveness and continuous development of the medical studies at the
international level, it is an institution that is the leader in correct diagnosis and treatment in
eye diseases, and has achieved excellence in the health system by providing examination,
counseling, and training services. .
Atagöz Hospital is founded by Prof. Dr. Safiye YILMAZ, Op. Dr. Mehmet HELVACIOĞLU
Op.Dr.Melih TÜRE and serving in İzmir Bayraklı Center since 2004, the Center for Special
Atagöz Eye Diseases finds solutions to health problems at 3 different points in İzmir with its
experienced team of specialists in order to remedy problems in the eyes, visual disturbances
and eye health. We are serving in Bayraklı, Hatay and Gaziemir branches.
In line with the objectives and principles of the Atagöz Eye Diseases Branch Center, it ensures
the competitiveness and continuous development of Turkish medical studies at the
international level. We are always trying to be secular with the trust of our patients by
adhering to professionalism. We provide respect and equal service to all our patients. We are
working to ensure the continuity of our innovative understanding with our team serving in our
institution. We always provide a reliable and high quality service to our patients and their
relatives with our friendly and understanding team
We provide services with high quality care and contributions from the entire hospital team.
With our doctors and valuable employees, we will continue to increase the number of our
hospitals as they are new and more developed. We are a healthcare organization that gives
importance to taking the treatment of our patients to an even higher level by expanding the
capacity of our hospital. 24 hours a day and provides continuous service has been recognized
as a reference center in Turkey and abroad, Diagnosis and Treatment a is also leading


Glaucoma (eye pressure) is a disease that causes loss of vision due to intraocular pressure
elevating to the level of the vision nerve. In a normal eye, the eye fluid is continuously
produced and is absorbed in a balanced manner. Thus, intraocular pressure remains at normal
levels. Generally, eye pressure below 20 and21 mm Hg is normal. However, glaucoma can be
seen even at lower levels of blood pressure.

General Eye Examination

Diseases such as strabismus and nerve palsy which can cause eye movement disorder are
determined. Diseases that can be found in the eyelids are investigated.

Laser Treatment

Myopia, astigmatism and hypermetropia are the surgical methods used in the treatment of
refractive defects. According to the degree of visual impairment, the transparent corneal layer
on the eye is reshaped with the laser beam programmed through the computer to ensure
correct focusing and clear vision.

Contact Lens

To correct the refractive defects of the eye, the lenses attached to the front surface of the
cornea produced as an alternative to the glasses are called contact lenses. Contact lenses can
be used for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes.


Cataract is the natural lens behind the pupil (Lens) to lose sight of the transparency of

Color Blindness (Daltonism)

8% of men in the world and 0.5% of women are color blind. Color blindness disease is
genetically transported. In the diagnosis of color blindness, tests are carried out based on the
discoloration of some colored yarns or colors from the plaques with colored speckles.